August 6, 2016

Lopez Island

The J-Team headed back to Odlin County Park on Lopez Island for a second year.  This time we stayed for 4 nights and invited along some friends.  It was a blast.  Here are some highlights:

Waking up to low-tide exploration and a bald eagle who surveyed the beach each morning.  This was the view from site 11 where we stayed.

Playing in the pirate fort built by neighboring campers.  The kids hauled all their gear into the fort each day and made it their home base.  

A visit to the Saturday farmers market in Lopez Village for ice cream.  June chose 1/2 and 1/2 of Lemon Vanilla with Marionberry swirl, and Golden Calf.  Yummmm!

Etta was definitely a highlight, and June also spent a lot of time taking photos with my digital camera, including this one.  Next trip I'm bringing a camera just for her.  Love to see the vacation through her eyes.

The first night we arrived, it was just the two of us, no friends yet.  We met our neighbors at camp and it was one of those times that I find happens when I travel, where I meet strangers who I immediately click with.  Something about the transient nature of the moment invites a deeper connection.  I think June can do this all the time! Chris had built an epic sandcastle which first drew her to them.  Jen had never had a s'more so June gave her a tutorial.  We watched a gorgeous sunset over Shaw Island.

Chris is a poet and the next morning he shared a poem with us that he wrote inspired by the sandcastle, June, and our evening.  My favorite part: 

Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow we will never see.
Leaving us only today,
and the sea, and the sand, and the tide...
and her eternal devotion to the pull of the moon,
and the look of wonder 
In a small child's eyes, 
named June, 
In late July.


June knows how to party and she lived it up again this year.

First up:  Popsicles at summer camp

Birthday morning:  pancakes + special plate

Superhero Skating Party

May 22, 2016

J-Team Weekend

June's class studied bugs at school this week. When I dropped her off at school on Friday, she showed me one of her drawings:

We've been spending a lot of time at the skate park.  Hit it up again Friday evening, and as usual it was June and a bunch of skater guys.  

On Saturday morning we headed to the 85 degree saltwater pool at McMenamins to meet up with the Borellas and the Greens.  

After swimming, we drove on to celebrate Hailey's birthday with the family.  SO much fun.

June was grumpy Sunday morning because I told her we needed to stay home so I could do laundry.  She cheered up when we mixed up some homemade waffle batter.  After laundry, we would head back to the skate park.

Then we drove up to see the Finnegans.  June was in heaven with 4 other kids to play with.  Plus chickens!

This weekend reminded me how much of an extrovert June is.  She really needs time with other people to be at her best.  Lucky for her, there are a lot of people who love her. ❤️