August 20, 2014


You know that game where two people stare at each other and try to be the last one to crack a smile? I taught June how to play.  She never wins.

Some of the things June was up to this month...

Meeting new babies Evie (with big brother Carter) and Lena (with big brother Che):

Celebrating Jesse and Lauren's wedding:

Playing in the back yard:

Going to Celebrate Shoreline:

Camping with the Hinton family:

June also learned to buckle herself into her car seat, completed summer session at Shoreline Childrens Center, and worked hard to tell the truth, follow directions and use her manners.

Next up:  full time pre-k and swimming lessons.

August 1, 2014

July Review

So much fun this month!  Besides her birthday, June celebrated the 4th of July, went crabbing with Grandpa John, hiked with mommy Teriann, camped at Bowman Bay with the Beckmanns, spent lots of time in the pool and loved bike days and water days at preschool. June also accumulated 4 "ouch-grams" for injuries at preschool and took quite a header over the handle bars of her new bike...brakes are a new concept for our brave girl.  Luckily, she us resilient and healthy, so her scrapes and bruises are simply a testament to a life fully lived.

July 22, 2014

Now She Is Four

4 year old stats:
41 inches
46 pounds
5 million joules of energy 
Favorite food:  beans and rice
Favorite color:  purple
Always:  singing, riding bike, swimming, saying "can't catch me!"
Likes:  taking lunch box to school, showing you her new dance moves, eating dinner outside
Tells us:  "I love you" and "you're bootiful" and "you're my best mom!"

Party time.  We celebrated with our families on July 12th.  June had been asking for an "Ariel cake" for months...

Birthday morning:  big girl bike and waffles!

After a party at preschool, she topped the day off with pool time and cupcakes.