July 22, 2014

Now She Is Four

4 year old stats:
41 inches
46 pounds
5 million joules of energy 
Favorite food:  beans and rice
Favorite color:  purple
Always:  singing, riding bike, swimming, saying "can't catch me!"
Likes:  taking lunch box to school, showing you her new dance moves, eating dinner outside
Tells us:  "I love you" and "you're bootiful" and "you're my best mom!"

Party time.  We celebrated with our families on July 12th.  June had been asking for an "Ariel cake" for months...

Birthday morning:  big girl bike and waffles!

After a party at preschool, she topped the day off with pool time and cupcakes.

July 5, 2014

June (the month) with June (our best girl)

The month of June was full of friends and family time.  We honored Grandma T at the Skagit Relay for Life, celebrated dads day and birthdays, and spent a weekend in Spokane with Angie, Carlos and Guthrie.  We also said goodbye and THANK YOU to Soumia and her family, as June transitioned from child care to full time at the Shoreline Childrens Center, where she just finished her first year of preschool.

June loves to show us her "moves" and frequently tells us she has "sumping imporTANT" to tell us.  She is very excited to take her lunchbox to school every day and writes "JH" on every peice of paper she sees.  We are so proud of what a big girl she is.

June 1, 2014

May Days

May brought us a new phase - and a welcome one.  June is simply a LOT of fun right now.  She loves to sing her heart out, ride her trike (hell bent for leather), go to preschool and do everything all by herself.  She is starting to play more independently, and is a more useful helper - especially in the yard.  June is a worm whisperer and checks the progress of her strawberries every single day.