September 28, 2014


Fall is here, and that means June is asking daily, "is it Halloween tomorrow?"
never too early! practicing "trick or treat"

June began the month meeting another new baby, Etta, who was welcomed with lots of love by our friends Rachel and Dan.   There is nothing so sweet as seeing your child meet the child of a life-long friend. 
June was delighted to hold Etta

The next day was June's first day of full-time preschool.  This year, June is in room 6 with teacher Pam at the Shoreline Children's Center.  We can hear Pam's calm manner in June as she mimics her while re-creating school activities at home.  She also can't stop talking about their October field trip to the pumpkin patch and the baby who is going to be visiting their class ("Will the baby be there today?") as part of the Seeds of Empathy curriculum.  I remember when June was a baby teacher for this program when she was 3 months old.
First day of school
playing "nap time" with "Teacher Sue"

showing us how to cut out shapes


We spent a beautiful evening on Elliott Bay thanks to Pardis and Angie.  June was fascinated to be on a boat with a bathroom.  She probably went about 8 times in 3 hours.
June and Captain Pardis
September in Seattle

June is learning to do more and more things by herself.  She can put all her clothes and shoes on, brushes her teeth without too much help and (her favorite) operates the mouse to pick out her favorite movies on the computer.

picking out her own clothes
June started swimming lessons on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  She had done a parent/tot class before, but these are her first solo lessons.  She is learning to float - and follow directions.  Teriann and I laughed when we saw her instructor had a tattoo across her back that reads, "live fast, die young."  June is super excited that her cousin Owan has swim team at the same time on Tuesday nights - and Owan has been a huge help with June in the showers and locker room.
Shoreline Pool

June got to go on two sleepovers this month.  Over one weekend she went to Aunt Heidi and Uncle Mike's house.  She went on a bike ride with Uncle Mike, watched Ole's soccer game and got to see Great-Grandpa, Grandpa T and Aunt Sherry.  She also came home with some new Frozen gear.  Another weekend she went to Grandpa John and Grandma Nancy's house, capped off by a trip to the zoo!
showing off her new purse and wallet from Aunt Heidi
Woodland Park Zoo

August 20, 2014


You know that game where two people stare at each other and try to be the last one to crack a smile? I taught June how to play.  She never wins.

Some of the things June was up to this month...

Meeting new babies Evie (with big brother Carter) and Lena (with big brother Che):

Celebrating Jesse and Lauren's wedding:

Playing in the back yard:

Going to Celebrate Shoreline:

Camping with the Hinton family:

June also learned to buckle herself into her car seat, completed summer session at Shoreline Childrens Center, and worked hard to tell the truth, follow directions and use her manners.

Next up:  full time pre-k and swimming lessons.

August 1, 2014

July Review

So much fun this month!  Besides her birthday, June celebrated the 4th of July, went crabbing with Grandpa John, hiked with mommy Teriann, camped at Bowman Bay with the Beckmanns, spent lots of time in the pool and loved bike days and water days at preschool. June also accumulated 4 "ouch-grams" for injuries at preschool and took quite a header over the handle bars of her new bike...brakes are a new concept for our brave girl.  Luckily, she us resilient and healthy, so her scrapes and bruises are simply a testament to a life fully lived.