October 26, 2016


We've decided to end June's blog because Google is no longer supporting the Blogger platform in the same way they used to.  All the content has been downloaded into a "baby book" for June to have.

So this is the last post, just to let you all know.  Thanks for following along over the years.


October 1, 2016

Scout and June

As June fell asleep last night she said, "Today was horrible."

I replied, "Yes, but we are done and don't have to live it ever again. Tomorrow will be a new day."

"But Scouty will still be gone."


I looked through photos today, in order to make an album for June to have of Scout.  I was struck by the sheer number of times where Scout is on the margins of June's photos, playing along, snuggling on the couch, or keeping a watchful eye on her.  Always there.  But not anymore.  

Here are a few snapshots of their 6 years together.

September 9, 2016

First Day of Kindergarten

My best girl: I hope you love school as much on the last day as you do today.  I was so proud to watch you say hello to your teacher with a confident smile, march right in to find your cubby, and sit down and start coloring your name tag.  Keep seeking joy, naming your feelings, and sharing your big heart.  You've got this.

We had a family dinner to celebrate and tried to get June to talk about her first day but she was too giggly.  http://youtu.be/jVuGQW9NykU