August 30, 2015

Camp Hinton

I had originally planned on taking June camping with the Hinton family this weekend, but when the forecast showed rain and high wind warnings, we implemented plan B, a weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

June had some tough moments and sometimes she could regroup and other times she couldn't.  I'm focusing on the times she could - like when I asked her what she needed to calm down and was able to say, "quiet time watching a movie," and, "I think I need a nap."

In between the tough moments she had a lot of fun.  Grandpa took June out for her last crabbing of the season and she and Grover got a close up of the seals on the rock.  On Saturday, we trooped over to Rosario for a look at the tide pools.  When the power went out, the whole crew headed over to the La Conner Pub for dinner and the Seahawks game. Plus there was lots of time playing with her cousins in the yard and on the beach.

July 31, 2015

Camping on Lopez Island

"What's the first rule of camping June?"
"Tell a grown up if you have to go potty."
"Well, yes - that is smart.  I think the next rule of camping is to HAVE FUN."
"Yes! And the other rule is don't get scared because there are no wolfs in Shoreline.  And don't cry, unless you feel sad and then it's okay to cry because grown ups will take care of you and it's their job to keep you safe, right mom?"
"Yes June.  I think we're all set for camping."

For my first solo camping trip with June I chose Odlin County Park on Lopez Island.  Besides being one of my favorite campgrounds, I also knew it was small enough that I could keep June in my line of sight at all times.  Par for the course, June crashed her scooter and skinned her knee in the first 5 minutes of camping.  I took a deep breath and suggested we go to the beach.  And that's where we spent 80% of our time over the next three days.

June was SO excited to sleep in the tent.  I hardly had the tent up before she was spreading out her sleeping bag, clothes, games and books.

Note to self:  if you ever see a single parent trying to set up a 6-person tent, offer to help.

June made lots of friends at the campground.  Some had two legs, many had four legs, and one had a kayak.  

On the second night, I had a hard time explaining why we were going to bed when it was still light out.  I tried the truth, "Mommy Jane is really tired."

On the last morning, June told me, "I don't want to go home!  I want to stay camping!"  The sign of a good time.

The trip reminded me that the most important rule of parenting is the same as camping - HAVE FUN.

July 15, 2015

Aargh, me matey! June is 5.

Our friend Meggan captured some incredible images at June's 5th Birthday party.  She gave me permission to share them here with you. Thank you Meggs!  If you are ever looking for an event or family photographer, you should check out her business:

Thank you to Grandpa John and Grandma Nancy for hosting the party at the beach.  It was the perfect setting for the band of scallywags.  And a big thanks to Grandma Nancy, Britnie, Auntie Gina, Aunt Heidi and Aunt Nikki for bringing yummy (and creative) food.  We love you.