July 15, 2015

Aargh, me matey! June is 5.

Our friend Meggan captured some incredible images at June's 5th Birthday party.  She gave me permission to share them here with you. Thank you Meggs!  If you are ever looking for an event or family photographer, you should check out her business:  

Thank you to Grandpa John and Grandma Nancy for hosting the party at the beach.  It was the perfect setting for the band of scallywags.  And a big thanks to Grandma Nancy, Britnie, Auntie Gina, Aunt Heidi and Aunt Nikki for bringing yummy (and creative) food.  We love you.

July 6, 2015

Independence Day 2015

June celebrated with ongoing traditions like:
- coordinated cousin outfits
- heading to the La Conner parade for an excellent candy:parade time ratio
- playing with Cushman kids generation 3.0
- sparklers
- Grandma Nancy's strawberry shortcake (June likes the biscuits the best)

She also tried out some new ways to celebrate:
- staying up to see the fireworks
- slip 'n slide
- no sun burn!!
- letting mom sleep in the next morning

Thank you Grandpa John and Grandma Nancy for hosting another great party!

A couple of videos:

July 5, 2015


asked June some questions about crabbing and here is her report:

Q: How many crabs did you catch this weekend?
A:  a hundred!!!  
(actually she limited out at 5 each day)

Q: How do you like driving the boat?
A: Fast!

Q:  What is one of the rules of crabbing?
A:  don't pee on the boat!

Q:  What does Grandpa John let you help with?
A:  Throwing the buoy.  Throwing the baby crabs.

Q:  What are you not allowed to do?
A:  touch the pinchers!!  

Q:  What else?
A:  pee in the boat