February 24, 2015

Life Around Here

Learning | To use her words (kind and gentle words, in a calm voice). To deal with the fact that moms say no.  To make choices. To follow directions.  It's been a rough month with tantrums like we haven't seen since she was two.  

Listening | Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk. Katy Perry, Roar. Macklemore, Can't Hold Us.  12 Days of Christmas.

Creating | Lots of little slips of paper as she practices with scissors.  Valentine's art.  Clay dinosaur.  Loads of laundry. Her own way in the world.

Loving | Maggie the cat.  Being Star of the week at Preschool.  Snappy Dragon Chinese restaurant.

Reading | Dr. Seuss, Skippy Jon Jones, Little Golden Books

Playing |  Board games; Go Fish, Spot It Jr., and Candyland.  Outside; she reports it as the favorite part of her school day, and requests trips to the park on weekends.  

Watching |  SesameStreet.org video clips, Fresh Beat Band, Annie, The Wizard of Oz.

Practicing |  Swimming!  June graduated from seahorse class to frog class this month.  She worked really hard to learn the crawl stroke and back stroke. She also started "ballerina classes" at the Creative Dance Center on Saturday mornings.  So far, it is a lot of galloping around with scarves, and it is super fun to watch her go.

February 11, 2015

Hinton Family Vacation

Thank you Grandpa John and Grandma Nancy for another fun family weekend in Leavenworth.  

"June, what was your favorite part of family vacation?"
"The hot tub!!!!"

Thanks to Gina for sharing the first two pics.

January 28, 2015

Great-Grandpa Ross

On January 5, we drove to La Conner to say goodbye to June's Great-Grandpa Ross.  Grandpa wasn't awake, but June tucked her blanket and stuffed animal in by Grandpa to show him some love. He passed away the next day, 101 years and 1 month from the day he was born.  As June processes that Grandpa Ross won't be in her life, she uses language that he is "in her heart" - as she learned with the deaths of her Grandma and Great-Grandma last year.  Each time we talk about feeling sad or missing Grandpa Ross, I think of this photo.  It was taken the first time these two met each other.