January 23, 2011

Life & Times of June

My favorite June story this week is one that Soumia told Teriann.  There is another baby at child care who is crawling.  She crawled over to June and tried to take a toy June was playing with and June just held on to the toy and would not let go and screamed and screamed.  I guess we need to start working on sharing...
Wednesday night dinner with Carlos and Angie

trying on my new dress from Grandma Nancy

sleeping at Borella's baby shower

Don't I look pretty?!

Hi Vani!

lunch @ Third Place with Mom and Michelle

I got a visit last night from the hair fairy!

sleeping off my cold in the swing
dance party with mom, Annika and Che

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  1. I love to hear that June is taking care of herself at daycare!! Too funny!! I also want to say that the hair fairy visited June because she was already there visiting Teriann!!! Love you Junie bug!!