February 11, 2011

Adoption Day - February 10, 2010

At four o'clock on Thursday, February 10th we went to the King County Courthouse for June's adoption finalization hearing.  We were joined by the Vaughan family, Hinton family, June's birth parents, the Sgambelluri family and Melinda.  Our family was seated in the jury box, which made me laugh.  Our attorney asked us several questions, Judge Yu made some remarks and then she asked if any of our guests wanted to say anything.  Both June's Grandmothers spoke, as well as Great Grandpa Harry and Aunt Nikki.  We were surrounded by love and lots of tears.
June's cousins get ready to head into the court room
Everyone arrived around 3:30pm
My future's so bright I gotta wear shades
Right before we went into the court room
check out that jury!
all rise for the honorable Judge Yu

Do you promise to tell the truth?  We do.

Telling June we promise to love her unconditionally
Judge Yu gave June a teddy bear
It meant so much to have June's birth parents there
June surrounded by her family

After the hearing we all drove to Preservation Kitchen for dinner.  June took a nap on the way and slept through cocktail hour.  We had a great time celebrating with our family and friends.


  1. Congratulations! This is just inspiring. Wonderful outcomes on this journey driven by the longing in your hearts to parent. Knowing what you want, having the will to stay the course...it is a beautiful thing. All the best to June who showed up to make it real. Love you little one, Aunt Mary

  2. Congratulations! June must be pretty special for the great grandparents to go to King County! :-) We can't wait to meet her in April!

  3. CONGRATS! June is one lucky lady & is surrounded by so much love.

  4. just a tad delayed on my part: CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I am over joyed for you three:)