February 8, 2011

Big Day

This morning at 9am we had our last home visit with our Amara Social Worker!  I took this picture of Teriann and June right after we finished up at 9:45am.  No more jumping through hoops, just a celebration at the adoption finalization hearing which is scheduled for this Thursday. 

One would think that would be an eventful enough day for June, but no.  I got to work in Bothell and got a call from Teriann at 10:15am telling me that June had a temperature.  She called Soumia (because June couldn't go to child care) and I called the doctor and drove back home so Teriann could go to work for a few hours.  At the doctor's office we learned that June has RSV (Respiratory Syncyctial Virus) Bronchiolitis.  This means she has a runny nose, fever and wheezy cough, and it will probably last for another week.  It is a lung infection that is common to infants.  Our doctor said she had already seen 6 infants this morning with the same symptoms.  June had a temperature of 102 degrees, but her heart rate was at 96%, which is really good.  She also got weighed (21 pounds) and had lots of fun tearing up the paper on the changing table and trying to get it into her mouth before I could catch her.  As for the virus, there is nothing we can do except keep her hydrated (good thing she loves her bottles) and give her saline drops in her nose (which she hates).  She is pretty easy going about the whole thing, except when it comes to being left by herself or having her nose wiped.  June and I spent the afternoon attached at the hip and then Teriann came home so I could go to work for a few hours.  Teriann said she had gotten June to sleep in the swing, and then Scout came over and licked her face to wake her up.  I think she missed her playmate.  After resting all day her temperature had gone down to 100 degrees by 7pm tonight.  Tomorrow I will stay home with June.  Good thing I still have lots of sick time accrued at work.

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  1. Very sorry to hear June is feeling sick :(
    With the two of you, I'll know she'll feel better soon.
    There is nothing more painful than to see our children get sick. Hang in there you two.
    On the other hand, soooo happy that this process is over! Congratulations, you are officially parents!