February 1, 2011

First Tooth

For months June has been chewing on her hands, teethers, cold washcloths and anything else she can bring to her mouth.  On Sunday afternoon, January 30th, she was very, very, very cranky.  So we tried everything, teething gel, bottles, naps, rocking, singing, Sophie, cold washcloths, diaper changes, cuddling...after glaring at me for 5 minutes on the couch, she fell asleep, woke up, gave me a big grin and I saw a little sliver had popped through her gums.  There it was, her first tooth.  She is being very coy and won't hardly let Teriann and I see it, let alone take a picture.  It is her bottom right front tooth, and my guess is the left one is on it's way.

teething supplies

The wrath of June - right before her tooth came in

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