April 1, 2011

Grandma + Auntie Heidi Visit June

We love it when Grandma Diane comes to visit.  On Thursday night we all went out to dinner at Spiros, where June was fascinated by the ceiling fans.  Then June thought it was time to party, 'cause Grandma was here, so had a bit of a rough time going to bed.  Her teeth have been bothering her all week, so this was not the first time that 'fussy muss' has been in the house, along with 'cranky pants.'  On Friday morning, Auntie Heidi came down to play with June.  I was so grateful that June had two of her favorite people to play with, because it meant I could go get my driver's license renewed.  Side note: I don't think sleep deprived moms should have to get driver's license photos taken.  Thanks for a great time Grandma and Auntie Heidi!  June misses you already.

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  1. I miss you too Junie!!! Love you sweet girl!!