April 17, 2011


When Kaili brought Bri and her boys to visit, Scout gave her usual LOUD welcome to everyone.  That combined with the fact that June is just starting to experience stranger anxiety made June pretty fussy at first with Kaili's boyfriend Lance and her friends Dylan and Ryan.  It was funny to hear Bri and Kaili say, "she's not usually like this!"  It saved me from having to do that.  June definitely warmed up to the guys as the evening went on, but Kaili was always her favorite.  Kaili surrounds herself with people who are just as down to earth and fun as she is.  We had a great time hanging out, getting to know each other, eating pizza and playing with June.

June also was the lucky recipient of some pretty fun gifts.  Kaili brought June a ladybug Pillow Pet, which June couldn't get enough of, and a little book entitled, The Best Things in Life Begin with J.  And then there were the cutest boots for June from Kaili's sister Britni.  Seriously, these boots are so stinkin' cute. 

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