April 18, 2011

Social Butterfly

Our June Bug has been very busy over the past few days.  In addition to her visit with Kaili, she also saw the Borella family, Grandpa + Grandma Hinton, Carlos + Angie and Grandpa + Grandma T.  Unfortunately June also had to visit the pediatrician this morning, where we learned that she has another ear infection AND her two top teeth are coming in.  So that led to a visit to the pharmacy and a quiet (besides the screaming) day at home with mom.

June really really wanted to grab Isaiah

Then it was Kaya's turn

Chillin' with Carlos + Angie (see how the dogs are right at home?)

a nap at the Pancake Haus

ready to wave goodbye to Carlos + Angie

Grandpa T takes June for a ride in the wagon

"faster!  faster!"

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