June 13, 2011

Talking with June

In the past week June's language skills have blossomed.  She is using sign language to say "milk" and "all done" and "no."  She says "mum mum" to refer to all kinds of food, "mama" or "mom" to refer to both of us (no differentiation between Teriann or Jane), she mimics lots of sounds and she will say something that sounds like "mooooo" when you ask her what sound the cow makes.

Then yesterday this happened:  I see June try to get into the garbage cupboard and I say "no June" and shake my head back and forth.  She tips her head to the side, gives me a big toothy grin and says "yes" clear as day as she shakes her head up and down.  I had a very hard time keeping a straight face.  Teriann was there too, so I know I am not making this up!

Here are few of the things we have caught on camera:


  1. Oh Junie!! You are soo smart!! I want to come and play with you soon!!

  2. baby eagle!!!!

    OK I really am looking forward to this stage - holy Moo Cow!!!!

    sweet little June: )