October 23, 2011


This post is simply so we can look back and remember when.  A list of June's words at 15 months, that I can remember right now:
  1. Hi
  2. Sout (Scout)
  3. Doggie
  4. Bow-wow-wow
  5. Moooooo
  6. Ow-siiiiiide (outside)
  7. Up
  8. NO
  9. Mama (said over and over again to both of us)
  10. Teh-annnnnn (Teriann)
  11. An-mi-ma (Aunt Melinda)
  12. Tina
  13. Yes
  14. Hhhhot (hot)
I also swear she said "Grover" today (my parents dog is at our house) but it was only once, so not officially on the list.  Almost all her words should be followed by a long list of exclamation points.  When she talks, she gets very excited.

She is signing "all done" and "milk."  She will sign "please" sometimes, but instead of doing it on her chest she does it on the table, or your chest.  Still pretty resistant to that one. 

She definitely recognizes a lot of other words we use.  For example, when we ask her where Maggie is, she finds the cat, though we haven't heard her say "Maggie" or "cat" yet.  When we ask her if she is hungry, she walks over to her chair at the table and tries to climb up in it.  Kind of scary thinking how much she might understand that we don't even know! 

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