November 28, 2011

Weekend Warrior

June made 4 trips to Home Depot this weekend to help us choose the perfect shade of grey to paint the living room.  We finally decided on French Silver (not pictured here).  June was a BIG help unloading the room as we prepped on Friday night.

To keep her out of the living room while we were painting we put up a baby gate and tried to keep her distracted.  She kept busy on Saturday with her toys, books and going outside to throw the ball for Scout.  She kept calling for Teriann (Mommy is her new term just for Ter) and leaning over the gate for kisses and loves.  She also did some of her own painting, lots of climbing on furniture and discovered the bread drawer.  Uh-oh.  June also started pointing to Scout's dog biscuit jar and shouting, "eeet!  eeet!" (Treat!  Treat!)  I limited the treats to one each hour because Scout + too many treats = a serious stench.  For some reason June didn't understand this when I tried to explain it to her.

On Sunday we called in reinforcements.  Rachel and Kaya came to play in the morning.  June was VERY excited to play with 8 month old Kaya, but wasn't so good at sharing her toys...I thought child care was supposed to help with that.  Hmmmmm.  Then the Beckmanns stopped by for a quick visit and to compare painting projects.  Jonathon and his mom Juli came over for the afternoon and helped keep June distracted for about four hours.  I was very grateful for the extra help!

playing right next to the gate with her new favorite toy

June does her own painting on the Buddha board

playing with Kaya

nap time

these two had way too much fun together!

so cute!

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