December 29, 2011

June Loves You

In the past two weeks June has really started noticing photographs.  When we carry her by the fridge she wants to stop and point at everyone and say their names.  When she saw the photos we were framing for Christmas gifts, she wanted to kiss all her favorite people.

Teriann had put June's advent calendar at her level, on the end of our kitchen cabinets, which June also loved.  Finally, something at her height!  This week I made a photo wall for June to replace the advent calendar.  That way she can see all her favorite people and start to learn their names.  I printed out 36 photographs on 6 different pieces of photo paper and taped them up.  When June woke up the next morning she discovered the wall and ran up and started kissing everyone!  I should have known.  I would say, "Where is Grandma T?" and she would lay a big slobbery kiss all over the photo of Diane.  So all the ink started smudging all over the paper and all over June's face.  Tonight I reprinted the photos, put them in transparent sleeves and re-mounted them on the cabinet.  Hopefully this version can withstand lots of smooches.

June points out most people/pets on her wall when we say their names, even those who live far away like Katie the dog, Aunt-gie and Carlos.  She was very curious about who Guthrie (Carlos & Angie's new baby) and Derek (Jen & Brad's new baby) were and kept kissing them over and over.  We'll have to work on that for when she meets them.

Here are some of the names June is saying in her own way:
E-O (Ole and Eva)
Kay (Kaili)
Grampa (Grandpa)
Mah-maw (Grandma)
Hi-deeee (Heidi)
An-mee-maw (Aunt Melinda)
Sout (Scout)
Meeeow (Maggie)
Mommy (Teriann)
Mama (Jane)

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