April 1, 2012

First trip to the ER

June had her first trip to the Emergency Room on Saturday.  We were visiting our friends in Spokane for the weekend.  June was running in the hallway, tripped and fell into a door.  Her head hit the bevel on the door and it split open her forehead with a cut about 1/2 an inch long.  Blood was everywhere and June was howling.  Thank goodness for Angie, who has lots of experience with toddlers and accidents.  She brought June a chocolate cookie, which stopped the howling and Teriann a black washcloth to stop the bleeding (and keep us from getting worried by all the blood).  We loaded June up in the car and drove down the hill to the ER. 

June was a trooper.  She cooperated with the exam, and just seemed curious when the nurse taped the numbing swap on her head.  She LOVED watching Elmo and eating chocolate cookies. 

The worst part was when they cleaned out the cut.  The doctor brought in 3 other people to hold her down and told us it wouldn't hurt June, but she would be scared by all the strangers holding her down and putting water on her face.  While they cleaned out the cut June turned bright red and hollered, "NOOOOOOO" and "MOMMMMMMMYYYY" over and over again.  Teriann and I were both holding her hands and crying all over the place ourselves while telling her it was going to be okay.  They didn't have to give her stitches, because the edges of the cut were so smooth, so they used super glue and tape to put it back together again.

She has been fine since and doesn't seem to notice the glue or tape at all.  As soon as we were home from the hospital she was running around like her usual self.  She is so full of energy and has no fear.  We are crossing our fingers that we won't have to visit the ER again any time soon.

in the waiting room

chocolate cookie mouth

watching Elmo while the numbing swab works its magic

all better!


  1. oh June! poor thing and more sympathy for you two!! No fun! Glad she is doing well!!

  2. Oh my world! I feel your pain! Nothing scarier than seeing blood in your child. I am so glad she is ok.
    Good job moms!

  3. Ugh, makes my stomach turn just reading this! Poor thing, hope she heals quickly. I hate to say it, but I have a feeling it won't be the last ER trip...

  4. I'm very impressed with Angie's quick thinking! A black washcloth?! Genius!! Will have to keep that in mind for Joe! ;)