April 2, 2012

June Invades Spokane

We went to see Carlos and Angie for a long weekend.  We hadn't seen their new house (think Leave It To Beaver) or met their new baby (think Chill).  We told them to hide the cats, put up anything breakable and brace themselves for...dun-dun-dun-dun...toddler June.  She is busy, she LOVES your dog, she has a lot to say (LOUDLY) and is a ton of fun if the rest of it doesn't bother you.  It was so good to see them and hopefully we will be welcomed back so we can see our new favorite person, Guthrie Blake Lantz, as he grows up.

who says a toddler isn't the perfect road trip companion?


"HI TINA!!!"


one of many tantrums

June reads a book to Tina and Guthrie

"Who are you and why have you invaded my peaceful home?!"

I miss these days


  1. Fun!! Guthrie is such a good mix of Angie & Carlos, what a doll! June's hair is growing like a weed.
    p.s. where is June's carseat in the first picture?

  2. June wasn't in her car seat. We were stopped for lunch in Ellensburg and playing around in the car while Teriann ran Scout. :)