June 4, 2012

2nd trip to the ER

June was eating lunch on Sunday when she fell off a kitchen chair, face-first onto the floor.  There was a lot of blood and we could tell she had two cuts on her lip and one was pretty deep.  We took her to Children's Hospital to get her checked out.  A pediatric dentist examined her and showed us that her right front-tooth was broken, the nerve was exposed and said it would have to be taken out.  The doctors also examined her lip, but they said the cuts would heal well without stitches and that they were already showing signs of melding back together.  We headed over to the dental clinic in the hospital for x-rays.  Two dentists confirmed that they would need to remove her tooth.  They numbed her gums, gave her shots with Novocaine and worked together to extract the tooth.  June was hollering bloody murder the whole time.  It was really rough.  They had restrained her on the dental chair and Teriann and I were holding her, but she escaped out of the restraints two different times during the procedure.  She's a fighter.  We just kept telling her that we loved her and to scream as much as she wanted to.  

After it was all over she calmed down pretty quickly.  We brought June home, gave her Popsicles and pain medicine and she had a "normal" night.  June is recovering better than her moms.  We're pretty shaken up, but she seems like her usual self.  She's been eating only soft foods but playing like normal and chatting away.  She will have a June-o-lantern smile for about 4 years, until her adult tooth comes in, but there is no risk of permanent damage to her mouth.

This kind of thing brings home the awesome responsibility we have to keep her safe and healthy and the reality that there is only so much we can do to protect her.   A hard lesson of parenting.

in the ER waiting room

after the first dental exam

last picture of her two front teeth!

baby straight-jacket, right before tooth extraction

at home on Sunday, sharing popsicles with baby Ida

at home on Monday, showing off her new smile


  1. She is still cute as can be :) So sorry you all had to go through that! I couldn't handle a dare devil like her, I'm a whimp for that stuff!

  2. Oh Junie June! You look tough w your front tooth missing!! Wonder how many scars you will have when you turn 18??

  3. So traumatic, but so adorable! She can just say she lost her tooth early because the tooth fairy REALLY needed it. Jokes aside, I am so sorry you all had to go through this. If there's anything we can do, you know we're here!!