August 29, 2012

I don't want to forget:

June loves to sing, "Happy Birthday." Actually she loves the fact that she can tell us to sing the song to her and we follow her direction.  She says, "Happy ________, okay?" inserting the names of her favorite people.  We sing a lot to her cousins and her friends from child care.  In the past week she has also asked us to sing Happy Birthday to her toes, knees, tummy, Elmo, and Bambi.  This morning, we were in the car on the way to child care with June happily directly me from the back seat.  After we had exhausted her usual list I heard this:
June:  "Ummmm....happy lindo, okay mama, okay?!"
Me:  "Happy Birthday Lindo?  Who is Lindo?"
June:  "Happy Birthday Lindo down, okay?!"
Me:  "Lindo down? I don't understand."
June:  "Lin-do down!  Happy!"
Me:  "Ohhhhhh, you want to sing Happy Birthday window down?"
June:  "YES!"
So we did.


Each night when we get home, June runs out to the backyard to her pool.  She sticks her hands in the water and often her head too.  Last week she got in with all of her clothes on.  Teriann told me the rest of this, so I hope I do it justice. A while later June got out of the pool with her clothes soaking wet, so Teriann took her clothes off of her and June proceeded to run around the yard, naked except for her shoes.  Teriann kept asking her, "Aren't you cold?  Don't you want to put some clothes on?" and June kept saying "No!"  Finally Teriann suggested June go pick out something warm to put on, and she ran on her little legs into the house.  A few minutes later June showed back up in the yard, still naked with shoes on and with a stocking cap on her head.  Something warm indeed.

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