May 17, 2015

Life With June

Learning | Polite requests get you what you want more than yelling does.  To make pancakes all by herself.  How to roller skate at Hailey's birthday party.

Creating | Lots of drawings of ladders.  Sweet Mother's Day gifts.  Birthday cards - it's the season in June's family!

Loving | Aunt Heidi's baby kitties.  Seeing Jonathon.  Going to visit Soumia and her friends.  Her cousins.  Swimming.

Reading | How I Was Adopted.  Miss Rumphius.  Comic books. 

Playing |  At the park.  Riding her bike. 

Watching |  YouTube videos of people unwrapping Easter eggs.  Dolphin Tale II.

Practicing |  Swimming!  June graduated from preschool level 3 to level 4 this month.  She can now jump in the pool and swim the crawl stroke to her teacher.

Visiting Soumia's house:

Playing at the park with Jonathon:

Staying at a hotel with Grandma Nancy and Hailey:

Mary Poppins:

Snappy Dragon with Owan:

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