September 4, 2015

Tooth #2

June lost her second tooth!  If you remember, she lost her first tooth during her 2nd trip to the ER.

Last night, June was almost falling asleep when she noticed her tooth was loose, "Mom!! Look at this!!"  We quickly called mommy Teriann to share the news. During the call, June hopped out of bed and went to check it out in the bathroom mirror. After I got her back in bed, she kept working the tooth back and forth, back and forth.  Even though it was way past bedtime, I could tell she was too excited to sleep.

"Do you want to get it out tonight?" I asked.
"YES!" June was ready to go and really started yanking on it. I started to text Teriann to tell her she should come over if she didn't want to miss this, but right after I hit send, June pulled the tooth out!  This kid is persistent.

After calling mommy back to share the news, June put her tooth in the tooth pillow that Grandma Nancy made for me, pushed it under her pillow, and pretended to fall asleep.  She was trying to catch the tooth fairy in the act...

At about 3am, June woke me up, "Mo-om!  Look what I got!"  Four shiny quarters and a matching bottom gap in her cute grin.

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